Review of The Barbary Coast Online Slot

Review of The Barbary Coast Online Slot

Who needs the inept Captain Jack Sparrow when you have the affable Ben Sawyer? In BetSoft’s Barbary Coast slot machine, you’ll be able to travel the high seas with a commander reminiscent of Johnny Depp and loot and plunder ships in order to acquire incredibly valuable treasure. With a pirate theme that borders on copyright infringement and 30 active paylines, this cheeky slot gives you the opportunity to win up to 45,000 coins every spin as you battle the famous Blackbeard!

Barbary Coast is only accessible on devices that support Flash, but that does not mean that it is not rewarding. Five distinct bonuses are included, ranging from free spins and sticky wild reels to click-me features and dramatic side games in which you participate in sword battles to earn free rewards.

Instructions for Barbary Coast Online Slot

Betsoft’s Barbary Coast has a simple gameplay that is ideal for both novice and seasoned gamblers. One of the distinctive characteristics of this slot machine is its paylines control, which allows you to disable any paylines you do not want to play. Using this option in conjunction with the coin and bet per line settings, you may adjust the size of your wager to anything from 0.01 and 150 credits.

Once your pirate adventure begins, you’ll need to gather 14 symbols to win anything. Nine of these symbols are employed only to provide cash rewards, while the remaining five are utilized to activate other extra features. All of the rewards shown in the paytable are awarded as multiplication of your coin size, which might change according on your payline wager. When playing for real money with the lowest wager per line, the rewards each sequence vary from 15 to 300 coins. If you play with the highest stake per line, however, the payouts will range from 75 coins to a maximum of 1,500 every sequence.

Unfortunately, Barbary Coast is not optimized for newer iOS and Android devices. The game is solely available as a Flash game, unlike the majority of BetSoft’s early titles, which were bundled in a To Go version. As a result, it will mostly be playable on laptops and desktop PCs.

Features & Free Spins Are Available on Barbary Coast.

The majority of the time, while playing Barbary Coast for real money, you will be waiting for a sequence of at least three similar symbols to appear on a payline in order to win a reward. The maiden, the pirate flag, and the treasure chest are your most valued symbols, awarding up to 1,500, 1,250, and 1,250 coins, respectively. As the slot machine only pays left-to-right, any matching sequence must be gathered in that direction for a payment to occur. The only exceptions to this rule are bonus symbols, which may be gathered in many ways to activate a unique function.

For example, three or more parrot symbols in any location or direction on the screen may activate a free spins bonus and an immediate cash payout. Another sign that awards regardless of position is the Ben Sawyer symbol, which may be gathered to activate a click-me function on the reels that reveals quick winnings by uncovering symbols. The cannon symbol may also occur on the middle reel to produce a stack of wild symbols, giving you a whole reel of wilds that can be used to trigger rewards on the next spin.

In addition to these unique symbols, Barbary Coast has two more bonus symbols that must be gathered on an active payline to activate the corresponding feature. If three Blackbeard symbols appear on any active payline, the sword combat bonus will be triggered. In this film, the dashing Ben Sawyer battles Blackbeard and rescues a young woman in order to receive free rewards. If you gather three worker symbols on any payline, though, you will instead activate the grog-drinking extra feature. Show that you can consume more alcohol and receive awards.

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